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Research & Development Manufactory

More than 10 years, CAMT has been experienced sheet metal machine tools manufacturing in China.

Top Priority

Competitive price with preferential quality

Emphasis on putting technology first ensures that our machines maintain a strong competitive

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Support & Care

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Precision CAMT Sheet Metal Machine Tools &Accessories


repeat repositioning accuracy


high productivity effeciency


energy saving

Our technical assistance service team has extensive experience. They are skilled and trained to handle the technical problem of our clients’ machinery,in the shortest time possible,and with the best guarantee.


Our R&D and design team has performed scientific analysis and design on our product’s appearance, mechanical and electrical components, resulting in equipment that’s more in line with modern aesthetics and imbued with a heightened sense of science and technology. As a result, our machines boast high precision and efficiency.


Self Patent

Intergral processing manufactured through large-scale processing equipment, which includes overall processing, heat treatment, shot blasting, and welding. As a result, our equipment’s frame is more stable and durable, while ensuring final processing accuracy.


Advanced Technology

By adhering to strict quality control measures, we produce equipment that meets and exceeds customer expectations.


Competitive Price

We strive to provide the best possible customer service, both before and after the sale. Our attentive service stands out in the industry, and as a manufacturer, we’re able to offer services that other suppliers cannot provide.


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