Full Electric Press Brake


This machine needs not hydraulic oil, and adopts electric cylinder to drive itself, so that avoid the pollution of hydraulic oil and oil temperature for the machine accuracy effect, etc.

Electric cylinder adopts heavy-duty and high-precision ball screw, with long life.

f the upper punch length is below 500mm, adopts self-made quick release. If above 500mm, adopts double-sides quick release.

When bending, the servo motor drives the cylinder. The servo motor consumes very little power when going down and going back, so the equipment is very energy-saving. Compared with the same series of hydraulic press brake, the energy saving is more than 50%.

Stress Analysis & Finite Element Analysis

The key mechanical parts of the machine tool use finite element analysis of deformation and safety factor to ensure the overall high rigidity requirements of the machine tool and long-term reliability

Compared Full Electric with Hydraulic

Special power saving: The power difference between the all-electric servo bending machine and the electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is like the difference between the frequency conversion air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner, and the all-electric servo bending machine automatically outputs the appropriate power according to the working condition, so it is especially power-saving. Green environmental protection: no need to use and replace hydraulic oil, ending the waste hydraulic oil pollution to the environment.

ES10 Controller

An efficient algorithm can streamline bending cycles, save time on work step setup,and increase efficiency, especially for batch processing

Backgauge System

he overall structure is made of lightweight materials.providing high rigidity and fast speed.It comes standard with two CNC axis (X and R ), and the backstop can move left and right along the cylindrical guide rails.

Fast Clamp

The standard configuration for the upper die clamping device is a mechanical quickclamp system.

Punch & Die

The lower die utilizes a double V quick range clamping method, with an optional angle V mechanical clamping system reliable.

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