Recyclable Shredding Machine

Regenerative&Recyclable Scrap Crushing Shredding Blade

Mainly composed of two cutter rollers with spiral blades. The motor drives the reducer to drive the two cutter rollers to rotate, cut and pull each other to achieve the effect of shredding materials. It is suitable for industries: light metal, waste plastic, confidential documents, fiber, kitchen waste, Domestic garbage, etc.

  • Low cutter shaft speed
  • Low noise
  • Low energy consumption

High quality waste shredder/plastic crusher machine is used to shred the woods, building templates, old furniture, timbers,plastics, rubbers, fibers, paper, batteries, large-scale hollow materials (plastic and other large container), and a variety of mixed wastes (especially wastes containing metal or sediment, such as: roll film, woven bag, TV set, refrigerator shells, car and medium car tires and hollow barrels, fishing nets, cardboard, circuit boards, etc. )

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