Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutter for Metal Fabrication

  • Various models have wide applicability, and one machine can solve multiple needs of customers.
  • It is professionally used in the processing of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, brass, manganese steel, titanium sheet and other metal materials.
  • Widely favored by metal processing industries such as kitchen appliances, sheet metal chassis, cabinets, mechanical equipment, hardware lighting, door and window manufacturing, advertising signs, auto parts, decoration, marine aviation, medical equipment, etc.
  • High-quality, a full set of servo drive systems imported from Japan to achieve higher accuracy and operating efficiency.
  • The cutting effect is perfect, there is no burr, no scraping, and the fast speed greatly saves the production cost.
  • Adopting floor standing gantry dual-drives structure, which is compact and covers small area. the humanized design is more practical, easy to operate, and basically zero cost for later maintenance.

Machine Design

  • Humanized design, more practical user experience. Simple operation The control system is simple to operate and easy to learn with more comprehensive compatibility, more flexible and effective processing. High precision, with high production and processing quality.
  • Processing can carry out multi axis coordination, easily produce complicated designs. When machining parts are changed, generally only a program be written, which can save production site management time and save human capital work.
  • The rigidity is large and the output rate is high; the feeding and unloading is very convenient and can alleviate the labor efficiency.

Machine Body

The annealing process of the whole machine to eliminate the internal stress, and the large-scale shot blasting process The steel plate is welded, and the tempering treatment bed has stronger rigidity, long service life and no deformation more than 20 years.

Switzerland RAYTOOLS Laser Cutting Head

  • High stability and good cutting quality, fast working speed and built-in motor drive unit itself. 
  • Automatic focus system
  • Lightweight design, fast acceleration
  • Drift-free range sensor
  • Closed light path protection
  • Continuous monitoring of protective lenses

Standard RAYCUS/MAX Laser Source

  • The brand of our fiber laser source standard Raycus (China) to ensure a more stable and precise cutting effect in the cutting of thick plates.
  • High power/small spot, good beam quality and fast speed
  • Good cutting effect, compact and stable design
  • Good stability and high electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • Economic Max (China), Optional for IPG (Germany) and Nlight(USA) with the power from 1000W to 12,000W.

Servo Motor&Driver

  • Increasing the speed to 6000 RPM reduces the temperature rise, increasing the efficiency and shortening the peak to 350%.
  • Full set of servo drive system, to ensure higher accuracy, faster speed, more stable operation

Water Cooling System

The cooling water has good quality and high temperature control accuracy; stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving and power saving; personalized design, etc.

CYPCUT Controller System

Integrates file reading, design output and processing control. A set of software can complete the whole process from design to processing.

  • Based on Windows operation development
  • Support a variety of file rich layer interface
  • Simple and practical cutting software
  • Real-time frequency and power curve

Germany SCHENEIDER Electric System

Adopts Schneider Electric, scientific layout, neat and safe wiring, to ensure the stable performance of the machine.

Taiwan HIWIN Liner Guider&YYC Rack

  • Adopt YYC rack, high precision linear guide HIWIN, Prefer rigidity, high precision, quality guaranteed
  • Five-level precision, rigid support for quenched helical gear and grinding helical gear, make the load drive structure compact, can effectively reduce the driving torque.

Cast Aluminum Beam

  • Adopt sectional exclusion of aerospace aluminum beam
  • Using honeycomb structure beam design high strength, high rigidity, light weight

Principle of Laser cutting

Basically Parameter

Laser Cutting Capacity

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