Metal Cutting Blade

Metallurgical Professional cutting Blade

Available in wide range of dimensions, and can also make customized blades as per customers’ requirements and drawings. Welcome to inquire with your drawings or samples.Straight Guillotine Bladeinclude hot rolling and cold rolling straight blade. For hot rolling applications, Straight blade are usually made of high quality steels, like nickel alloy. However, for cold rolling applications, medium quality and high quality alloy tool steel and heavy-duty powder metallurgy steel are usually adopted for making straight blade for cold rolling applications. Shear blade for plate shearing machines with different sizes and specifications are all available to satisfy customers’ different cutting needs.

Metal shearing are manufactured in strict accordance with YB/T 4070.1~4070.2 standards, with extremely reliable quality, high precision, and competitive prices. 

Material and hardness are very important to the work life of metal shearing blades. Production, including heat treatment, therefore is completely entirely in-house, which guarantees a consistent supply of high-quality shear blades with optimum microstructure and optimum mechanical properties.

Meanwhile, our team of engineers can provide you with professional advice based on more than 30 years of experience, and recommend the most suitable material and hardness for you at a competitive price according to the application of the blades.

In addition, for cut-to-length lines and guillotine shears, we produce highly precise knives and shear blades with a length of up to 5500 mm.

Shearing Blade

Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Restaurant, Retail, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Advertising Company

The corrugated cardboard cutting machine knives (sheeter knives) are primarily applied to corrugated cardboard rotary knife and straight shear blade cross cutters, which still have brisk and no-tearing cutting performance for cardboard and honeycomb board under high speed rotation. The quality of crosscutting blades directly affect customers’ production efficiency and the machines’ service life.

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