CNC ECO Function Press Brake


The machine is in an overall welding and overall processing structureThe CNC control system S15 which can achieve the functions of graphic programming for bending angle, compensation for angle amendment, automatic calculation also adjustment of bending pressure, automatic calculation of compensation for workbench distortion. extending length of workpieces, bending pressure for bottom bending, open distance, and automatic withdrawal of rear stopper, etc.

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S15 CNC Controller System

Super Smart/Bending Easier Professional/ Intuitive CNC System

Ergonomics Large key design; One page programming; Integrated graphical programming; Angle direct programming

Color LCD display, touch screen, icon recognition function;

Fully efficient bending programming to meet the needs of mass production and processing;

Automatic calculation of bending Angle, main pressure and deflection compensation;

Automatic calculation of bending data;

Automatic calculation of pressure and deflection compensation;


The number of axes can be controlled: 4-8+1 Axis

Y1 and Y2 axes can be independently controlled for tilt Angle compensation, and there are table compensation and deflection compensation to meet the different needs of users.

High Precision Parts

High Precision Compensation

The control precision is high, and the compensation is automatically calculated and set by the numerical control system to ensure the consistent bending Angle of the full length.

Motorized Servo Crowning

Accurately measure the small deformation caused by the bending force of the machine tool to ensure the bending accuracy of any thickness and any material sheet.


Resolution up to 24,000 DPI. Non-contact measurement. The installation of the entire measuring system is very convenient and fast, and the installation tolerance is wide.

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