How to Solve Common Issues with CNC Press Brake

In the industrial processing sector, press brake are frequently employed to sheet metal processing, producing components that meet the demands of production. press brake machines have extensive applications, and it’s safe to say that many metal products in our daily lives, such as stainless steel casings, elevators, and metal doors/windows, rely on the precision of hydraulic press brake. However, during the usage of bending machines, various issues may arise. This article will outline common problems with CNC press brake and provide DIY repair solutions.

Issue 1: Uneven Metal Bending Edges and Inconsistent Sizes


  1. No straight-line bending or pre-bending
  2. Insufficient bending pressure
  3. Asymmetrical upper and lower molds, uneven bending pressure
  4. Low opening height

Repair Solutions:

  1. Design a straight-line bending or pre-bending strategy
  2. Increase bending force
  3. Adjust upper and lower molds
  4. Raise the opening height

Issue 2: Scratches on Workpieces After Bending


  1. Uneven surface on the sheet metal
  2. Small bending radius on the upper mold
  3. Insufficient bending clearance


  1. Improve the smoothness of the lower mold
  2. Increase the bending radius on the upper mold
  3. Adjust the bending clearance

Issue 3: Cracks on Bent Corners


  1. Small bending radius on stainless steel
  2. Grain direction parallel to the bend line
  3. Outward-facing burrs on the sheet metal
  4. Limited ductility of the metal sheet


  1. Increase the bending radius on the upper mold
  2. Adjust the material layout during feeding
  3. Ensure burrs on the sheet metal face inward
  4. Utilize low-temperature annealing or softer materials

Issue 4: Deformation of Holes After Metal Bending

Causes: Using elastic bending to fix hole positions, where the bending arm is influenced by friction from the lower mold and the outer surface of the workpiece.


  1. Adopt profile bending techniques
  2. Increase pressure on the material support plate
  3. Add patterns to the material support plate to increase friction and prevent workpiece sliding during bending

If you encounter other issues while using CNC bending machines, feel free to leave us a message, and CAMT will do its best to assist you!

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